Glitter fibers are usually incorporated to enhance the appeal of the end-product which is garment or home-textile made-ups. With appropriate processing and manufacturing techniques, we can adjust the shine level or the glitter effect in the end-product. 

Polyester Glitter Fiber Advantages:

Homogeneous Glitter effect: 

Glitter fiber when blended becomes an integral part of the yarn which gives subtle and uniform glitter effect throughout the fabrics and garments.


Pilling of polyester glitter fibers is better compared to similar family of fibres which also makes it more suitable for end-uses with frequent wears.


It can be blended with various other fibers making it a choice for a variety of fashion applications across the value-chain.

Shines Forever:

The glitter effect remains consistent even after dyeing and several washes. It keeps shining.


Can be dyed in different colors which enhances its product range.


It has a softer feel and does not cause itching even after long hours of garment wear.

Easy Care:

Can be machine washed without any adverse effects soap/detergent on it making it an easy product for maintenance.

Maximum Glitter effect:

It being coarse denier (4dx38mm) has tendency to remain on the surface and enhances the glitter effect when spun with other fibers.