Textile & apparel manufacturing processes will run through Robotics

05 Oct 2015

Textile & apparel manufacturing processes will run through Robotics

October 05, 2015Product Innovate

RoboticsThe textile industry is moving fast in the direction of Robotics. Textile machinery manufacturers and solution providers thinks that the textile industry globally will not take much time to become fully automated. High end technologically superior robots will take over the work that human beings had been slogging at for long. Human intervention will be needed only in monitoring and instructing.

Machinery companies are presenting innovative solutions for the various functions in textile and apparel manufacture like ginning, spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing, finishing and various others.

Artificial intelligence is expected to bring down the limitation of the need for human monitoring and instructing to the maximum extent possible. Machinery manufacturers are planning to adopt as much automation as they can for processes.

Benefit is that robots can carry out an enormous variety of tasks autonomously in cavernous production halls almost unpopulated by humans. Even loading and unloading the machines, transporting and packing are executed without human intervention.

At present, more and more spinning units are switching to the use of robots to do burdensome tasks formerly carried out by humans, especially handling, transport and packaging of bulky natural, chemical and carbon fibre and so on.

Robotics will eventually rule the textile and apparel manufacturing processes, and full-automation at all the stages of production will be encouraged.

Robotics will help achieve this dream.

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