Say good-bye to washing: As Self Cleaning Clothes are here!!!

06 Apr 2016

Say good-bye to washing: As Self Cleaning Clothes are here!!!

April 06, 2016Product Innovate

Low cost technology has been designed for cleaning textiles. Now stains and grime can be removed Within 6 minutes by exposure in light bulb or Sun light.

Innovative technological development has led to a cheap and efficient way of growing specially designed nanostructures on textiles that can degrade organic matter when exposed to light.

This catalyst based process has various possible application areas like in medical industries, chemical industries and agro industries, one can think of easy commercialization of the product.

One of the most important advantage in dealing with textiles is their 3D structure, due to which they prove to be very efficient in absorbing light, due to which cleaning process is speeds up by degrading organic matter.

Self Cleaning Clothes

There is a lot of research work to be done before commercializing the product for developing fully self-cleaning textiles.

Researchers have worked on copper and silver-based nanostructures which can enhance the ability to absorb visible light. When the nanostructures get an exposure to light, their internal energy increases, this energy boost releases hot electrons, which releases a burst of energy enabling nanostructures to degrade organic matter.

The nanostructures on textiles can be formed just by dipping them into few solutions. As a result the stable nanostructures get developed within 30 minutes.

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