High tech breathable apparel for runners

05 Oct 2015

High tech breathable apparel for runners

October 05, 2015Product Innovate

Nike_AeroReactNike – world’s leading athletic footwear and apparel maker announces that it has developed AeroReact technology that helps runners maintain optimal body temperature for better performance. Nike team shifted its focus from fashion to science to develop this unique product. The new fabric technology—a three-layer composite material—keeps the consumer both comfortable and dry while retaining a lightweight feel.

AeroReact technology is a new responsive, lightweight fabric developed with insights from the Nike Explore Team (NXT) Sport Research Lab and runners the world over.

Unique part of AeroReact is that it engineered to adapt to changes in a runner’s temperature. Supporting the body’s existing thermoregulation capabilities, the textile’s bi-component yarn senses moisture vapor and opens its structure to maximize breathability. Thermoregulation is a process by which the body releases sweat that evaporates to help the body maintain an optimal temperature.

Further, AeroReact has this ability to adapt as the change as per runner change and environment which will help keep runner comfortable the whole time. Nike main motto is to do everything to support athletes perform better, be more comfortable and stay focused.

Runners were amazed, as they felt that they would either be too hot or too cold at some point during the run, but instead they got to the end and forgot that they were wearing AeroReact.

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