Can You Imagine Clothes Made Out Of Gelatin?

07 Sep 2015

Can You Imagine Clothes Made Out Of Gelatin?

September 07, 2015Product Innovate

GelatinGelatin is an important ingredient while making some favorite sweets such as gummy  bears, silky mousses and so on.

However, scientists are now experimenting and exploring the possibility of using this  common food ingredient to make clothes….Their plan is to spin Gelatin into yarn so that it  can be made into clothing. This new procedure would provide a further use for agricultural  leftovers as gelatin originates from livestock by-products.

When scientists already tried spun filaments of gelatin, twisted them into a yarn and then  treated it with gaseous formaldehyde and lanolin (wool grease) to make it water-resistant.

After the process, the result was surprising as the yarn was about as strong as a strand of merino wool and was also warm when knitted into a glove.

Almost a century ago, protein fibers from animals and vegetables such as casein from milk and zein from corn was used to produce new kinds of fabrics. At the same time, well known synthetic fibers were manufactured from petroleum products.

As demand for greener product is increasing, scientists are inventing new methods to make innovative products and fabrics.

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