About us

Who we are?

Texperts is an international textile sourcing, marketing and garment buying house since 2002. We facilitate international trade of about 500 FCLs (about 10,000 tons) per month of Fibers, Yarns, Fabrics and Garments.

What we do?

Our business is to promote your business. Texperts works as a partner with you just like your internal team. While you focus on your business, leave your sourcing and marketing to us. We ensure peace of mind and ease of business for you.

Why us?

We are committed to a partnership beyond deal making or buying and selling activities. We work towards adding value and enhancing your profitability by introducing new fibers, new yarns, new fabrics & new applications.

What are we best at?

Partner Identification

  We identify right partner suitable to your specific requirements. We evaluate product range offered/required and ensure to facilitate the right quality at right price and in right time.

Competitive Price

In-depth market study, anticipation of future price movement and extensive sourcing network gives us advantage to offer you competitive price

Market Identification

We research, study and forecast trends in various markets. This gives us expertise in being your marketing partner to suggest you not only the best market for your product but also develop marketing strategy.

Quality Assurance

First we select the suppliers by carrying out an extensive audit of their plant, product, process and people. Then we carry out an in-depth inline inline and pre-shipment inspections of the shipments.

End-to-End Logistics Support

We recommend the most suitable shipping line and monitor container movement right from the point of dispatch to the point of delivery. In addition we verify each document, followup the status and ensure timely delivery.

Market Updates

We regularly provide authentic updates on pricing in the entire textile value chain, currency fluctuation, demand-supply movements, trends in international trade and any other relevant information to assist you in making right decision.

New Product Development

We conceive, develop and track new products. We also identify and recommend suitable suppliers for such new products.

Amicable Dispute Settlement

We ensure conformity to all the quality requirements and commercial terms of both customer and supplier. However, if at all any dispute arises; we settle it amicably within a specified time frame.


We facilitate certifications, licenses and hang tags for specialty and branded products.

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